##Saturday was “Battle at the Border.”

Battle At the Border

Battle at the Border is an off season competition at Francis Parker High School hosted by the Warlords and Holy Cows. This competition gave the robotics teams of San Diego an opportunity to compete using their improved robots from the previous year. The game “Recycle Rush” was fairly similar to what was used in competition except the human players were not allowed to throw litter across the field. This event also brought the addition of mentor battles. These competitions gave an opportunity to the mentors of the teams to compete against each other. Student members in the bleachers laughed as they watched their mentors scramble over totes and garbage cans, frantically building towers.

Team Paradox made it to quarterfinals. Our mentors didn’t do as well given that they got out in the first battle. Through this event, we welcomed the rookies to the team. Potential drivers were able to get first hand experience driving the robot and we brushed up on the cheers and dances making the event a joyous occasion and a perfect way to start off the season.